Mystery Party Games

A Broken Heart Murder on Valentines Day
A Dead Man's Chest
A Devilish Masquerade
A Feast To Die For
A Holiday Murder
A License To Murder
A Medieval Murder
A Mediterranean Murder
A Murder in Margaritaville
A Murder in Provence
A Murder on the Grill
A Rockin' Hot Tub Murder
A St. Valentine's Day Murder Mystery
A Taste for Wine and Murder
A Viking Mystery
All at Sea
And the Winner is ... Murder
Antiques, Accents & Asps
Arabian Nights
Back to the Eighties
Beauty Shop of Horrors
Beverly Hills Assassin
Bigfoot Encounter
Bludgeoned on Broadway
Blueprints for Murder
Caddy Shacked
Cards on the Table
Case of the Disappearing Dance Diva
Case of the Missing Ring
Casino Fatale
Caught In A Spanish Web
Celebrity Celebrations
Chinese Tea House Take-Out
Court in the Act
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die?
Cudham Riding Club
Curse of the Pharaoh
Davy Jones' Locker
Dazzled to Death
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Dead On Time
Deadly Ever After
Death and the City
Death at the Vicarage
Death Before Dinner
Death by Chocolate
Death By Depreciation
Death by Design
Death Downunder
Death In The Ring
Death of a Dancer
Death of a Department Store Santa
Death of a Pirate
Death of a Teen Idol
Death of a Vampire
Death of a Volunteer
Death of a Wizard
Death of the Blue Shadow
Death on the Gambia
Death On The Mound
Desperate Neighbors
Desperate Wives Murder
Destination: Pacific Paradise
Diamond Thief
Eat, Drink, and Be Married
Fame, Money and Murder
Halloween Lies
Happy Birthday R.J.
Hawaiian Lunacy
High School Mystery!
Hollywood Lies
Honky Tonk Homicide
Horrible Happenings in the Haunted House
Horror in the Haunted House
How To Host A Murder - An Affair To Dismember
How To Host A Murder - Roman Ruins
How To Host A Murder - Saturday Night Cleaver
How To Host A Murder - The Chicago Caper
How To Host A Murder - The Class Of '54
How To Host A Murder - The Good, The Bad, & The Guilty
How To Host A Murder - The Last Train From Paris
How To Host A Murder - The Tragical Mystery Tour
How To Host A Murder: The Watersdown Affair
How To Host A Teen Murder - Barbecue With The Vampire
I Dream of Djinnie
I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas
Intrigue on the Interstate
Killers International Annual Meeting
Lei'd to Rest
Lethal Luau
Love Potion Number Five
Love, Lust and Lies on the Lentini Line
Masquerade Murder Mayhem
Million Dollar Ranch House Race
Murder 90210
Murder at Ashton Tower
Murder at Farthingay Manor
Murder at Mardi Gras
Murder at Spooky Castle
Murder at the Bar Starr Ranch
Murder at the Dunmore Lodge
Murder at the Hop
Murder Before Midnight
Murder by Magic
Murder in the Baths
Murder in the Pits
Murder in the Snow
Murder in the Wild West
Murder of the Great Chef
Murder on Misty Island
Murder on Paradise Island
Murder on the French Riviera
Murder on the High Seas
Murder Unscripted
Murphy's Wake
Mystery in the Library
Mystery of the Howling Noises
Nancy Drew Mystery Party Game
Natural Porn Killers
Night at the Waskers
Nightmare in the Nineties
No Malist Aforethought
No Murder Please, We're British
Once Upon A Murder
Paddy O'Really is Dead
Panic at the Prom
Pasta, Passion & Pistols
Playa del Loco, Love Boat Style
Randy Butt - R.I.P.
Revenge Against a Ladies' Man
Shore Secret
Slaughter at the Circus
Snow Business
St. Cakes
Staying Alive
That '60s Murder
That 70s Murder
The Art Gallery Murder
The Auction
The Beverly Hills Cheerleader Murder
The Case of the Stolen Menorah
The Christmas Crimes
The Curse of the Egyptian Statue
The Curse of the Mummy
The Cutting It Killer
The Final Curtain
The Ghost of Marnie Anderson
The Hatchet, Esquire
The Hip-Hop Murder
The Icicle Twist
The Karma Club
The King is Dead: A Night in Sin City
The Last Gasp
The Legend of Goldie Rushmore's Long Lost Loot
The Merrymurder Pantocrime
The Murder Game
The Murder of Mrs Whyte
The Murder-Mystery Party Kit
The Mystery of the Vanishing Vampire
The Nifty Fifties
The Night Before Christmas
The Outrageous Art Heist
The Pink Lace Diamond
The Psycho Circus
The Pungent Pumpkin Poisoner
The Railburn Affair
The Reading of the Will
The Return of the Pink Lace Diamond
The Revenge of the Pharoah
The Rubber Chicken Caper
The Shotgun Affair
The Spy Who Killed Me
The Teen Idol Mystery
The Wake for Humpty Dumpty
Til Death Do Us Part
Tomorrow is Another Day
Trailer Trash Tragedy
Trouble At The Masters Stables
Under the Big Top
Way Out West
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Who Shot the Sheriff

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