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Murder in the Pits

Murder in the Pits

Ovs-Wing Air, the main sponsors of Formula One Racing Team, Team Rex, are hosting a post race party at the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix held at the Brangalinder Ring in Dah, the capital city of Dardar-Dardar. Rex Motors, the owner of Team Rex, will be at the party to celebrate the Team's successful start to the Formula One season. Hopefully it will have been a good day's action for the team at the very first race to be held at this new Middle Eastern circuit in the Sultanate of Dardar-Dardar

Rex Motors, owner of the Formula One Team Rex, is found dead before the post race party gets underway. Host your own party to solve the mystery and discover who waved the chequered flag.

Characters include:

  • Max Speed - Racing Driver
  • Minnie Cooper - Racing Driver
  • Slik Tirez - Racing Driver
  • Marsha Ull - Race Official
  • Youssef Ovs-Wing - Sponsor
  • Polly Pitstop - Timekeeper
  • Jack Yupp - Mechanic
  • Ann T Freeze - Mechanic

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Mystery Writers Ltd
For 8 players

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