The Beverly Hills Cheerleader Murder

The Beverly Hills Cheerleader Murder

Angel Summers, daughter of powerful movie producer Wilson Summers has been murdered. The police have determined that the last people to see Angel alive were those that took part in her cheerleading team tryouts. Ms. Claire Clintin, faculty advisor to the cheerleading team, has brought all the girls together in an attempt to solve the murder and save the prestigious Beverly Hills Lady's Academy a great amount of embarrassment.

Set in the present day at an exclusive Beverly Hills Girls School this game is perfect for young teen or pre-teen girls. This game would work great for a birthday party or sleep-over.

Characters include:

  • Angel Summers - Victim
  • Bayley Connelly - Editor of the school newspaper
  • Brooke Sable-Crowne - The richest and most popular girl at school
  • Claire Clintin - Teacher
  • Emily Duncan - Gifted student and social misfit
  • Karrie-Anne Michaels - Former actress/singer/dancer
  • Rochelle Hartley - Former captain of the basketball team
  • Shirleen Rosemont - Straight 'A' student and homecoming queen
  • Talitha Linburgh - Angel's sidekick
  • Trinity Zanatta - Arrogant European princess

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Lawrence Locke
For 6 to 8 players

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