The Merrymurder Pantocrime

The Merrymurder Pantocrime

Prince Charmless, ruler of Pantomimia, has been holding a succession of grand balls in his aim to find a wife. But at the last ball a terrible tragedy has occurred. The prince's body has been found behind the locked door of the highest tower of Pantomimia palace. Dead, with a sword plunged through his heart. But who murdered him? Nine characters are deemed particularly suspicious...

Please note that being a cross between a murder mystery and a pantomime, there is great scope for cross-dressing in this game. For greatest comic effect, Dame Trot and Tapioca can be played by men. Similarly Jack the Giant Killer and Simple Simon can easily be played by women.

Published By: MerryMurder
Written By: Tim Morrell
For 12 to 18 players

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  • Jack the Giant Killer - Principal Boy - A Handsome, Giant-Killing Adventurer
  • Snow "Not So" White - Principal Girl - A Princess of Dwarfonia - The Prince's Political Marriage Partner
  • Dame Trot - The Dame - A Palace Cook - The Prince's Former Nurse
  • Simple Simon - Her Stooge - The Prince's Newly Appointed Valet - Dame Trot's Son
  • Cinderella - One Half of the Comedy Pair - A Beautiful Young Girl - The Prince's New Love Interest
  • Tapioca - The Other Half of the Comedy Pair - Cinderella's Ugly Stepsister and Chaperon
  • Queen Honoria - The Wicked Stepmother - Wife of the Late King Ludwig - The Prince's Stepmother
  • Dick Whittington - The Father Figure - Ambitious Politician - Prime Minister of Pantomimia
  • Captain James T Hook - The Rogue - Adventurer of the High Seas & Captain of "The Enterprise"
  • Fairy Nuff - Provider of Good Magic and the Prince's Godmother - Discover Whodunit.

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 18 Invitations & Invitation Envelopes
  • 1 Fairy Nuff Chief Investigator Booklet
  • 9 Suspect Character Booklets with Scripts
  • 7 Clue Objects
  • 3 Mystery Witness Statements
  • 4 Magic Mirror Responses
  • 2 Question Packs
  • 1 Confession
  • Character Name Labels

This game is available in email-only, economy, and deluxe versions. Refer to for details.

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