Death of a Dancer

Death of a Dancer

Have you ever dreamed about being a dancer - either on Broadway or in a ballet company? Here's your chance to live your dream for an evening. Chelsea Walker is living every young girl's dream - she's about to graduate from the City Performing Arts School and her career as a professional dancer stretches before her. But after the students' final rehearsal for their last school performance, Chelsea has been found dead.

This is the worst possible time for the rest of the students because tonight is their final recital - the night their futures are decided. Taylor Moore, the girls' classical dance teacher has gathered the girls who lived on the same floor in the school dorm together in order to solve Chelsea's murder quickly before the news gets out and ruins the school's recital. Any peforming arts school is full of rivalries and jealousies. But who could feel desperate enough to kill?

"Death of a Dancer" is the perfect mystery game for anyone who used to dream (or still secretly does) of being a dancer. This mystery takes place in the dance department at the City Performing Arts School the day of the school's final performance. A fun game for teen (or almost) teenage girls at a birthday or sleepover party.

Characters include:

  • Chelsea Walker - promising ballerina, and the victim
  • Jessica Thomas - the ambitious one
  • Lauren Johnson - the hard-working one
  • Megan Brown - the jealous one
  • Rachel Wilson - the quiet one
  • Samantha Martin - the mischievous one
  • Stephanie Clarke - the superstitious one
  • Taylor Moore - the ballet teacher's assistant

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Elspeth Antonelli
For 6 to 7 players

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