A Feast To Die For

A Feast To Die For

The Lesters were hosting another one of their fabulous dinner parties. The invitation list was smaller than usual. The Lesters, and a few of their special family and friends were just about to sit down to enjoy the elaborate dinner Victoria Lester had prepared. The table was breathtaking. As usual Victoria had outdone herself. The diners toasted with a vintage bottle of red wine and sat down to eat. As the food was being passed around the table, Victoria started to choke and cough. Everyone rushed to her side in time to see her fall face first into her food. She was dead. She had been poisoned.

Welcome to an evening of murder! This is a 'Party Adventure' designed to create a night of intrigue and excitement for you and your friends. Within the comfort of your living room, you set the stage for solving a murder. You and your guests become the suspects. Each have hidden backgrounds and secret clues. Cast your inhibitions aside, apply your imagination, and determine who the murderer is, how it was done, and why.

Published By: Specialty Board Games
Written By: Max Haines
For 8 players

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Additional Information

Includes the following:

  • A complete Party Planner with instructions, costume suggestions, tips for having fun, and an optional dinner menu
  • Invitations and name tags for your guests
  • Character profiles with secret clues and backgrounds for each guest
  • A CD which re-enacts the sounds of the murder and outlines the plot
  • The author's solution to the mystery

The Suspects

  • Mark Lester - Victoria's husband and best friend...a powerful shipping tycoon. Was his next shipment going to be dead weight?

  • Dorothy May Bradford - Victoria's loving sister and clairvoyant...envious of Victoria's lifestyle. Had she set her 'sights' too high?

  • William "Big Bill" Bradford - Dorothy May's husband. Loud and boisterous... big shot in oil. Was he in over his head?

  • Candice "Candy" Minter - The beautiful blonde, bombshell, widow next door. Looking for love in all the wrong places. She had looks and a body that could kill!

  • Desiree Minter - Candy's sexy, wayward daughter. She was used to getting her own way. "No" was not in her vocabulary. What about "murder"?

  • Christopher Lester - Son of Mark and Victoria. A lazy good for nothing playboy...everything had always been handed to him on a silver platter.

  • Robert Carter - Mark's best friend and lead hand. The Carters had worked for the Lesters for centuries. Was it time for a change?

  • Eleanor Hopkins - Mark's long time assistant and confidante. She knew all of the Lesters' intimate secrets. Did she decide to use this knowledge to her advantage?

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