Million Dollar Ranch House Race

Million Dollar Ranch House Race

T.V. Producer Joan Frank first made a name for herself with her made-for-video series "Nutjobs." The videos featured inebriated college men dared to engage in asinine stunts. With her latest project, Ranch House Race, Joan hopes to bring it up a notch. She's assembled a cast of contestants and crew on an isolated south Texas ranch for the filming of this reality T.V. show. Contestants will hunt and scheme to locate a hidden million dollar treasure. If this show proves successful, Joan may finally gain the respect she deserves as one of Hollywood's top - or at least mediocre - producers. But this treasure hunt turns to mayhem when the first day of filming reveals a murderous plot twist no one predicted. And now these treasure seekers have a new mystery to solve: Who murdered Joan Frank?

A present-day murder mystery for 8-10 people that combines treasure hunting, show business, and south Texas adventure. Great for reality-T.V. fans, family or social gatherings, backyard barbeques, or indoor/outdoor parties.

Characters include:

  • Joan Frank - Ranch House Race Producer
  • Phoenix Bourne - Actor/Spokesperson of Ranch House Race
  • Hubriq Hanley - The Director
  • Dr. Amora Justice - The Medic
  • Roberta San Luis - Ranch Owner
  • Mickie Rios - Camera Person
  • Drew Gravatti - Contestant, Ranch House Race
  • Chance Feiver - Contestant, Ranch House Race
  • Hank Ryan Fontop - Contestant, Ranch House Race
  • Gray Fox - Contestant, Ranch House Race
  • Beaux Scarry - Contestant, Ranch House Race

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Laura Piazza Irani
For 8 to 10 players

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