No Malist Aforethought

No Malist Aforethought

Maxy Malist, extrovert publisher and businessman, intends to publish his own biography. Join Maxy on his private island, along with friends and associates from Maxy's past. What stories can they tell about Maxy? Perhaps, of more importance, is what stories can Maxy tell about them.

Guest Biographies

  • Maximillian Malist - Publisher - Known to everyone as Maxy, he is the extrovert owner of the Malist Publishing empire. He has taken the small company, started by his father and built it into the multi-national company it is today. This has not been done without cost and many people have been trampled in the process. He has never had the time for marriage.

  • Minnie Malist - Housekeeper - Maximillian's younger sister, she has always been in the shadow of her elder brother. Their father felt that "a womans place is in the home" and pushed her to learn the homemaking and hostessing skills needed for a marriage into "the right family". Minnie was excluded from the business, although Maxy uses her hostessing expertise to his advantage.

  • Kenton Edge - Businessman - Kenton got a first in business studies at Cambridge where he became interested in publishing via the student newsletter. After graduation he worked for various publishing firms before joining Malist Publishing. Maxy liked him and promoted him. He is now director of one of Malist's companies.

  • Richard D'Ling - Actor - Richard was a struggling actor taking bit parts until he was discovered by the producer of a daytime soap. He was cast as Roger, the handsome odd job man, since when his career has not looked back. Further television success followed which eventually led to film contracts. He is known to his friends as Dicky.

  • Theresa Green - Kenton's PA - As a pretty young secretary, Theresa started campaigning for equal rights. This lead her to other campaigns such as Save the Whales and Save the Rainforests. Now a beautiful personal assistant to Kenton, her committment to her causes is still as strong as ever.

  • Virginia Heart - Businesswoman - Virginia exudes a cool, sophisticated charm. Her clothes are always elegant, her hair and make-up emaculate. Her virtues are reflected in her business. This comprises soft silk, satin and lace lingerie and feminine, floral perfumes appropriately named 'Virtue'.

  • Harry Wright - Biographer - With his boyish good looks and disarming smile, Harry makes friends easily. He makes people reveal more than they otherwise might, a talent that makes him a good biographer. Harry's real ambition is to be a novelist.

  • Alan Cholic - Doctor - Alan trained in a city hospital where he was a gifted student. He was expected to become a brilliant surgeon but gave it all up to become a country GP. He moved to the Startford area where he met and married Bunty. Alan is known to his friends as Al.

  • Bunty Cholic Al's Wife - Bunty was a quite, shy country girl until she met Al. He made her feel beautiful and wanted. As the village GPs wife she gained in confidence. She believes that great men need a beautiful woman at their side to act as hostess and confidant. She has tried to be that to Al and intends never to loose her good looks.

Published By: ITM Games
For 8 players

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