The Christmas Crimes

The Christmas Crimes

Bebe Bumbletree is hosting a Christmas party for all her friends and is determined for everything to be perfect. The eggnog has snowman-shaped ice cubes floating in it, she's borrowed Christmas music from her parents' CD collection, and she has even hung mistletoe in hopes of catching her secret crush, Barry Broadbarn, underneath. She rented a Christmas movie for them all to watch and has bought and wrapped a gift for each of her guests, which she carefully placed under the tree. Everything is perfectly planned - that is, until strange things start happening, things Bebe is not expecting, and certainly won't stand for. Before the night is through, the Christmas Crimes will be solved!

"The Christmas Crimes" is a Christmas-themed kid's mystery party. There are three mini-mysteries: The mystery of the headless snowman, the case of the toppled tree, and the mystery of the missing presents. Optional adult player and even the family pet can join in the fun!

Characters include:

  • Bebe Bumbletree - The Hostess
  • Barry Broadbarn - The Hearthrob
  • Jasper Shinyhead - The Shy Kid
  • Willy Wilson - The Joker
  • Eddie Griffin - The Mysterious Rocker
  • Harvest Gold - The Gentle Vegetarian
  • Sandy Scaleyskin - The Popular Girl
  • Kelly Bumbletree - The Younger Sibling
  • Mr. or Mrs. Bumbletree - The Parent
  • Fluffy - The Bumbletree Family Pet

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Allison Reiley
For 8 to 9 players

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