Fame, Money and Murder

Fame, Money and Murder

When Ed Dockafeller died, he left a will stating that each of his five children would only receive their share of his billions if they had married, contributed something significant to the world and moved to a country town by midnight tonight. In their quest to achieve these stipulations, a lot has happened. And this morning Ed's son Nathan Dockafeller (also known as "nasty Nathan") has been murdered.

As they tick away the hours before midnight, the children and their new partners have come together for a family meeting. Now they will find out which of them killed Nathan and which ones are going to get a share of the money.

This is a very flexible murder mystery with only 8 suspects. It is perfect for a party where you are not exactly sure how many guests will turn up.

Characters include:

  • Duncan Dockafeller - Brother, world-famous boxer
  • Polly Darton - Partner of Duncan, famous country and western singer
  • Serina Dockafeller - Sister, teaches belly dancing
  • Tommy Whip - Partner of Serina, world-class jockey
  • Magnus Dockafeller - Brother, scientist
  • Pebbles - Partner of Magnus, comedian
  • Cynthia Dockafeller - Sister, paranoid agoraphobic
  • Charles Concerto - Partner of Cynthia, orchestra conductor

Published By: Merri Mysteries
For 8 to 30 players

Additional Information

Party Kit Contains the Following:

  • Host's Guide
  • Party planning ideas
  • Invitations on which you can enter your party details before printing
  • Clue booklets for each main character
  • "Who Did It?" solution

This game is available in either standard (8 guests or 9 to 17 guests) or "meet and mingle" (17-30 guests) formats. Your party kit is supplied as Adobe Acrobat files via download and email and are available immediately after purchase.

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