The Curse of the Egyptian Statue

The Curse of the Egyptian Statue

The participants in this Mystery Party play members of a team of archaeologists in Egypt that has made a truly sensational discovery. Dr. Ari Nubis, co-leader of the team; Armand Rhe, the expedition's financial sponsor; Falk Hoarus, the graduate student assistant, and the field photographer Tom Thoth, all hope that they will become instantly famous once their find is made public. But their aspirations are dashed when the leader of the team, Professor Ozzy Rhys, is found dead, murdered with an ornate Egyptian dagger! It is up to the four survivors to discover which one of them killed the Professor, and why.

A suspenseful murder mystery for a small group of teenage to young adult participants. The players enact the roles of four members of a present-day archaeological team in Egypt on the verge of a breakthrough discovery. The ideal format for your socially awkward boys, staying in character and solving the mystery will give them a structure for interacting and having lots of fun.

Characters include:

  • Dr. Ari Nubis - Co-Leader of the Excavating Team
  • Armand Rhe - Financial Sponsor
  • Falk Hoarus - Graduate Student Assistant to Professor Rhys
  • Thomas Thoth - Expedition Photographer

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Ullie Emigh
For 4 players

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