How To Host A Murder - The Chicago Caper

How To Host A Murder - The Chicago Caper

In How to Host a Murder - The Chicago Caper, you have received an invitation to S.P. Keasy's place, a private club near the headquarters of notorious gangster "Hal" Coppone. Imagine your home is a 1920s speakeasy in old Chicago, as you and your dinner guests enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue! All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex, and murder. How to Host a Murder is so much fun, it's almost criminal.

Know people with a taste for murder mysteries? Even if they're not fans of Agatha Christie, they'll have a wonderful evening with The Chicago Caper. Like all of the theme parties in the How to Host a Murder series, this boxed set provides everything you need to plan and host a four- to five-hour dinner party. The game, designed for eight players, each of whom takes on a role in the drama, begins with a recording complete with 1920s jazz and a sultry-voiced barkeep who provides the first set of clues. Hal Coppone is dead, she announces. One of the guests is the murderer. From there, each player must reveal what he or she knows--and conceal the character's dark secrets--all with the guidance of a personalized game book.

This is episode #5 in the How to Host a Murder series of mystery party games.

Published By: Decipher
For 8 players

Additional Information

Contents of How to Host a Murder - The Chicago Caper:

  • CD with Period Music and Details of the Murder
  • Host Guide with Instructions
  • 8 Guest Invitations and Envelopes
  • 8 Player Name Tags
  • 8 Individual Player Manuals
  • 1 Sheet of Secret Clues with Police Report
  • Diagram of the Crime Scene
  • Optional Menu and Costume Suggestions

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