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The Return of the Pink Lace Diamond

The Return of the Pink Lace Diamond

A dinner party underway at a Hotel is cut short when one of the guests discovers the body of the Tremaine's maid. Later on the inspector sent to investigate the crime reports that the Tremaine's jewel "The Pink Lace Diamond" appears to have been stolen, but they are all very surprised when another guest, Sheik Abdul Hazzar produces the diamond which he claims has been in his possession for some time.

While the investigation is underway a man attending a Star Trek convention also dies suspiciously in full view. The question is: who is the murderer?

The Return of the Pink Lace Diamond is a large-group Murder Mystery game with several plot lines and complex motives. It can be used as a follow up to the popular game "The Pink Lace Diamond" but requires no prior knowledge of the previous game and works equally well as a stand-alone game. Suitable for a modern day dinner party setting, this mystery can be run without the need to inform the guests pre-arrival. This game is a great choice for team building and corporate events.

Characters include:

  • Inspector Ian Buchan Clueless - The inspector sent to solve the crime
  • Justin Hughes - Attending a Star Trek Conference
  • Miss Felicity Cavandish - The Tremaine's Secretary
  • Mr Patrick Tremaine - Wealthy business man
  • Mrs Veronica Tremaine - Mr Tremaine's wife
  • Nigel Carratt - Attending a diamond conference
  • Sheik Abdul Hazzar - A wealthy Arab

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Joanne Smedley
For 40+ players (large group)

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