Joanne Smedley

Joanne Smedley

Described by the local press as "a not so serious serial killer," Joanne Smedley is a successful murder mystery game author and the Managing Director of Red Herring Games.

A fictional assassin, Joanne Smedley writes and develops murder mystery games from home while she cares for her two pre-school children. Joanne has written bespoke games for hotels, private parties and fundraising events in the UK, USA and Australia, and her games are sold world wide.

In addition to the games listed below, Joanne also has written many additional games, listed at Red Herring Games.

Games From Joanne Smedley

A Medieval Murder
A Mediterranean Murder
Death at the Vicarage
Death Downunder
Intrigue on the Interstate
Murder Before Midnight
The Art Gallery Murder
The Pink Lace Diamond
The Return of the Pink Lace Diamond