Murder Before Midnight

Murder Before Midnight

Mark Roundim's New Years Eve parties are famous. There is something there for everyone. Great food, plenty of drink, entertainment, and a host of interesting people from all walks of life. Tonight however there is also something for the police when Mark Roundim is discovered in his dressing room - dead.

Murder Before Midnight is a great choice for New Years Eve parties. Bored waiting for the clock to strike twelve? Why not solve a murder while you wait? This simple-to-play murder mystery appropriate for first timers. With scripted dialogue to enhance the rounds, this murder mystery combines a New Years celebration with a murder. And what a cast! If you like dressing up, then this one will definitely appeal to both the men and the women attending!

Characters include:

  • Detective Inspector Will Pending
  • Bernie Down - Firefighter
  • Eileen Over - Stewardess
  • Justin Port - Naval Officer
  • Penny Cillin - Nurse
  • Rusty Crankshaft - Mechanic
  • Leah Tard - Cheerleader
  • Paul Emoutt - Life Guard
  • Dusty Ragg - Cleaner
  • Guy Nicologist - Doctor
  • Kat Walker - Model
  • Pat Role - Policeman
  • Phyllis Cup - Personal Assistant

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Joanne Smedley
For 6 to 12 players

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