A Mediterranean Murder

A Mediterranean Murder

All aboard the MV Tipanic for A Mediterranean Murder! Stew Driver the Fourth Engineer has been found dead in the cruise liner's swimming pool. To save embarrassment to the firm the captain has invited the crew that knew him to dine at the captain's table to help solve the crime before they put back into port.

A Mediterranean Murder is a simple to use, entertaining Murder Mystery appropriate for both first timers and regular players. Ideal for Murder Mystery fanatics who want just that little bit more complexity in their game. With scripted dialog to enhance the rounds, this murder mystery combines all the fun of a typical murder mystery but really stretches the mind.

Characters include:

  • Rusty Crankshaft - Chief Engineer
  • Wanda Lust - Masseuse
  • Tilly Operator - Shop Assistant
  • Lola Lilo - Pool Attendant
  • Walter Ski - Watersports Instructor
  • Sylvester Stillstoned - Barman
  • Barry Glitter - Entertainer
  • Trikki Shuffles - Croupier
  • Fifi Galores - Chorus Girl
  • Al Fresco - Chef
  • Captain Birdseye - Ship's Captain

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Joanne Smedley
For 10 to 11 players

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