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Death Downunder

Death Downunder

A neighbourly bar-be-que Downunder is rudely cut shot when the host, Willy Willy, is found dead in the kitchen - skewered through the heart! The invited guests, an intriguing mix of colourful local residents, have the task of solving the murder. Can they crack the case before the chicken gets cold?

Death Downunder is a simple to use, entertaining Murder Mystery appropriate for both first timers and regular players. With scripted dialogue to enhance the rounds, this light hearted murder mystery brings a whole new meaning to bar-be-que skewers!

Characters include:

  • Frank Furter - Neighbor
  • Sally Monella - Next-Door Neighbor
  • Crocodile Dunkirk - Park Ranger
  • Sheila Swheels - Insurance Broker
  • Sidney Oprahaus - Businessperson
  • Dame Edna Average - Willy Willy's Girlfriend
  • Jason Donover - Surfer Dude
  • Kylie Invogue - Famous Singer
  • Alice Sprung - Shy Distant Friend
  • Wally Bee - Kangaroo Farmer
  • Mayor Naise - Town Mayor
  • Tamsin De'vil - South African Business Woman
  • Bruce McBruce - Detective Inspector

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Joanne Smedley
For 6 to 12 players

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