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Death of a Volunteer

Death of a Volunteer

It's 1944. The war in Europe is still raging on. To honor the unsung heroes of the home-front, Paul E. Tischan is to present journalist Charlotte Gaffe with the "Volunteer of the Year" award. But as she steps forward to receive the prize, she drops dead on the podium of what looks at first like a heart attack. But was it? When Inspector Flic arrives on the scene, everyone becomes a suspect. It certainly looks like "no good deed ever goes unpunished..."

A fully-scripted 1940s murder mystery set on the American home front during the age of Swing, Big Bands and the Second World War. Complete with music suggestions.

Characters include:

  • Samantha Heriton - The Nurse
  • Marguerite Dubois - The Full-time Volunteer
  • Walter Wingfield - The Pilot
  • Marlene De Trique - The Bomb Shell
  • Paul E. Tischan - The Guest of Honor
  • Gerald Glin - The Farmer / Caretaker
  • Charlotte Gaffe - Journalist / Volunteer / Victim
  • Inspector Flic - The Inspector

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 15+ players (large group)

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