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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Captain Jack Ketch is dead. There be no bones about it. His body lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, deep in Davy Jones's locker. Now, dead men don't usually tell tales, but the Captain is talking. His ghost's been seen haunting the harbor of Port Bourbon. Everyone in town is frightened to death. There's talk of a black spot, a lost treasure and a spirit doomed to haunt them all until a killer is brought to justice. The Governor has called everyone to "The Three Horseshoes" to find out who killed the Captain and why.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales is a scripted murder mystery for 8-11 guests. If you loved Pirates of the Caribbean, this is the murder mystery for you!

Characters include:

  • Captain Jack Ketch - The Victim
  • Bertha Bilgewater - The Serving Wench
  • Diego Doubloon - The Spanish Privateer
  • Even Keel - The Powder Monkey
  • Habaka Da'bora - The Witch Doctor
  • Ima O'Pare - The Governess
  • Lieutenant Lee Shore - The Naval Officer
  • Lord Hiram Cheape - The Governor
  • Mrs. Hornswoggle - The Landlady
  • Sukey 'Sugar' Sayles - The Farmer's Daughter
  • Yves Eaux - The Corsair

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 8 to 11 players

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