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The Reading of the Will

The Reading of the Will

The Reading of the Will is a 'sealed room' murder mystery. When the Duke of Felthorpe suffers a tragic accident while locked in his bathroom, everything suggests that his death was accidental. But was his death as innocent as it seems? The room was locked from the inside and, to gain entry, the door had to be broken down. So surely no one could have got in there and killed him!

Everyone taking part plays a character who is here for the reading of the duke's Last Will and Testament. The contents of the will are a surprise to almost all of them. Why did the duke make these last-minute changes? Was he being blackmailed? Was he mad? Should this will be thrown out - and replaced with an earlier one? Will his last will and testament remain unchallenged?

The murder mystery takes place during a meal. Fresh clues are introduced as the plot gradually unravels and evidence of murder emerges. One of the characters is the duke's butler - did he do it? Or was it the duke's maid? His idiot son? His idiot son's scheming wife? By the time all is revealed, everyone will have had a great time playing their parts, working out whodunnit and trying to prevent other people accusing them.

Published By: Murder Mystery Games
For 6 to 8 players

Additional Information

The Reading of the Will is suitable for almost anyone. No acting experience is required, and no one will be expected to do anything that will make them feel awkward. Although matters of a mature nature are present in the plot, and some of the characters behave badly, the game is good clean fun, and is recommended for both teens and adults.

What's Included:

  • Character information for each guest.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to run it.
  • Notes for the organiser on what to do before and during the murder mystery.
  • Other essential paper props.
  • The solution!

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