Murphy's Wake

Murphy's Wake

Patrick Murphy was the most popular man in town - he owned the highly successful town pub, was a large contributor to the parish charities, and came home every night to his lovely and devoted wife. Last week he was killed coming home late from his pub. At first, everyone thought it was a tragic accident...but now at his wake, it is very clear that Patrick was NOT the most popular man in town...and that his murderer is present at Murphy's wake... Fully scripted clues give you and your guests the chance to use your best Irish accents as you play the game. 'Tis a fine way to spend an evening!

An Irish wake is traditionally a time of stories and celebrating the life of the recently departed. But it quickly becomes obvious that Patrick Murphy was a murder victim...and his murderer is present at his wake.

Characters include:

  • Patrick Murphy - The Victim
  • Anne Murphy - Patrick's Grieving Widow
  • Brian Callaghan - Anne's Brother
  • Bridget Gallager - Patrick's Sister
  • Liam Flynn - Patrick's Best Friend
  • Deirdre Connell - Neighbor and Writer
  • Father Michael Kelly - Parish Priest
  • Colm Gallager - Bridget's Husband
  • Una Reilly - The Murphy's Neighbor

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Elspeth Antonelli
For 6 to 8 players

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