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Destination: Pacific Paradise

Destination: Pacific Paradise

It is July 29, 1959. An oddball mixture of the wealthy and fashionable have been holidaying at Pacific Paradise, the private estate of businessman and wildlife adventurer Simon Izzfisshy. There has already been plenty of gossip and intrigue, including a mysterious guest from the French government and a number of business associates of Simon's. On a balmy evening all the guests have gathered for a celebration feast, as Simon has promised a very important announcement will be made. But as people sip before dinner cocktails, Simon's wife Vera has a shocking announcement of her own ...

This is a 1950's murder mystery in an exotic Pacific Island setting. There's lots of cold war intrigue in this dinner party style game.

Characters include:

  • Father Constance - Jesuit Priest
  • Murray Celeste - Rich Businessman
  • Sandy Palmer - Champion Surfer
  • Madelaine A'Bombe - French Businesswoman
  • Pinky Tutu - Dance Teacher
  • Vera Geldendrucker - Wife of Simon Izzfishhy
  • Lady "P" Cocke - Ornithologist
  • Aggie Ingstarr - Nightclub Performer
  • Jill. F. Dayye - Marine Biologist
  • Charles "Happy" Schnapper - Rich Businessman

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Carlene Wilson
For 10 players

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The Party Kit for this game includes the following:

  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
  • Email-able Invitations
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Name Tags
  • Suggested Recipes
  • Invoice
  • Legal Letter
  • Contract
  • Phone Bill
  • Newspaper
  • Bioimpact Report
  • Blackmail Note
  • Pre-Game Clues
  • Tips from Other Hosts

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