The Cutting It Killer

The Cutting It Killer

A raunchy tale of lust and lacquer, drugs and dyes, hollywood, blow-dries and bloodshed!

Zig Ziggini, 45, Celebrity Hair Stylist, has been found murdered at "A Cut Above The Rest", his exclusive London salon. Lying in what can only be described as a bloodbath, Zig has a pair of diamond-tipped scissors thrust savagely through his heart. Shards of broken glass litter the floor the salon, and a cloying, sickly sweet fragrance is in the air.

Which of Zig's friends, staff or clients is responsible?

Published By: MerryMurder
Written By: Tim Morrell
For 13 to 18 players

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  • Babs Bouffant, 49 - Mature, Old Fashioned, Much Passed Over Stylist. Zig's Oldest Friend.
  • Basil Bryl De Creem, 52 - Disgraced, Oversexed, Making a Comeback Film Director. A Salon Visitor.
  • Charlie Worthington - Top Scotland Yard Detective
  • Hazel Tones, 35 - Professional, Ambitious, Hollywood Makeup Artist. Zig's Business Partner.
  • Jason Jazz, 23 - Good Looking, Arrogant, Tight Butted Hairdressing Graduate. Zig's Protégé.
  • Lance L'Oreal, 33 - Drifting, Chemically Assisted "Colour Technician". Zig's Love Interest.
  • Sweep Clean, 33 - Obliging, Sharp Eyed, Cocky Young Lad. Zig's Receptionist.
  • Syria, 28 - Chest Implant Enhanced, Publicity Hungry, Man Eating Glamour Model. Zig's Client.
  • Trudy Finnegan, 47 - Forceful, Feisty, Glamorous Daytime TV Star. Zig's Patron.

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 18 Invitations & Invitation Envelopes
  • 1 Inspector Worthington Chief Investigator Booklet
  • 8 Suspect Character Booklets
  • 6 Clue Objects
  • 4 Mystery Witness Roles
  • 3 Mystery Mailshots
  • 3 Question Packs
  • 1 Confession
  • Character Name Labels

This game is available in email-only, economy, and deluxe versions. Refer to for details.

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