The Murder of Mrs Whyte

The Murder of Mrs Whyte

Professor Bloom, universally celebrated botanist, has called the world's press to Lancaster Grange to announce the results of his latest research. But moments before the press conference starts, a body is found! Housekeeper Hilda Whyte, 54, has been found murdered. Mrs Whyte was found lying face down in the kitchen. There was a wound to the back of her head, obviously caused by a heavy blow. Lying by her body was a blood-stained candlestick.

As some of the finest investigative journalists are assembled at the Grange, the six suspects have decided to delay calling in the police. With the talented Casey Trent leading the investigation, they, and the other assembled journalists, are going to have a try at solving the crime themselves. If they are successful, they can then hand over the guilty party to the police, and leave without a stain on their character.

Published By: MerryMurder
Written By: Tim Morrell
For 8 to 13 players

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  • Laura Woodcock, 46 - Horticultural expert and owner of Lancaster Grange
  • Reverend Lidius P Beane, 50 - American. Head of the Church of Christian Ecologists
  • Fleur Rouge, 21 - Lidius's niece. A bright, lively, headstrong girl
  • Professor Eric Bloom, 55 - Eminent English botanist
  • Captain Richard Tarragon, 35 - Ex-Army. Horseman and adventurer
  • Dr Charlotte Black, 39 - Successful Harley Street Psychotherapist
  • Casey "Catch'em" Trent, 38 - The Great American Undercover News Reporter

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 11 Invitations & Invitation Envelopes
  • 1 Casey Trent Chief Investigator Booklet
  • 6 Suspect Character Booklets
  • 6 Clue Objects
  • 6 Clue Documents
  • 4 Question Packs
  • 1 Confession
  • Character Name Labels

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