I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Residents of the North Pole are accustomed to keeping secrets. They swear never to disclose the location of Santa's Workshop, and they keep Santa's identity anonymous. A Santa Claus serves for a term. When he retires, he appoints his successor. Most retired Santas then leave the North Pole and travel the world with their spouses. The current Santa showed no signs of retiring. In recent years, he bewildered the sweet Pole folk with what can only be described as "poor choices;" he even bordered on being bad-listed! Somebody decided that enough was enough and laced his eggnog with poison at the Annual Christmas Eve party. His death comes as a guilty relief to most, but now there's no Santa to deliver the gifts at midnight. The Pole Folk must discover the killer, in order to convince someone else to step up to be Santa and save Christmas! For once, the North Pole has a secret that is too big to keep.

I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas is a scripted Christmas mystery set on Christmas Eve, at the North Pole.

Characters include:

  • Santa Claus - The Jolly Old Elf Himself
  • Mrs. Claus - Santa's Wife
  • Yule Tide - Elf, Reindeer Trainer
  • Holly Jolly - Elf, Director of Christmas Caroling at the North Pole
  • Frosty - Snowman, Scientist
  • Abominable S. - Snowman, North Pole Watchman
  • Basil - Elf, Insurance Agent

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Megan Kelly
For 15+ players (large group)

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