The Legend of Goldie Rushmore's Long Lost Loot

The Legend of Goldie Rushmore's Long Lost Loot

The sleepy mining town of Eureka hides a secret. About 120 years ago, "Goldie" Rushmore discovered gold. Unfortunately, the notorious train robber, Jamie Jesse, stole it. Pursued by the posse, Jamie stashed the gold somewhere in the surrounding hills. Jamie Jesse was never caught, and the gold was never recovered. Today, the local kids are ready to find the gold. Many have inherited heirlooms that they believe can help their search. Older townspeople don't want to talk about it, preferring not to know whether their ancestors were involved in the crime. The kids wouldn't mind if they were related to an outlaw. It's time that the town faced the truth. And the lure of the legendary gold is irresistible.

A fun mystery game for all ages. Pre-party activities and extra party games are suggested. Heirlooms provide clues to solve the mystery; the game culminates in a scavenger hunt.

Characters include:

  • Blue-eyed Susan - Librarian
  • Bo Vineman - ex-Cattle Rustler
  • Casey - Train Conductor
  • Dr. Cass E. D. Butch - Doctor
  • Goldie Rushmore - Miner
  • Irene Pyrite - Successful Banker
  • Kelly Stasher - Mercantile Owner
  • Luke E. Duke - Sheriff of Eureka
  • Mayor McShin - Mayor of Eureka
  • Scoops Smith - Newspaper Reporter
  • Scooter Smith - Telegraph Operator
  • Sylvester S. Foxx - New School Teacher

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Megan Kelly
For 6 to 24 players

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The Party Kit for this game includes the following:

  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
  • Email-able Invitations
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Name Tags
  • Suggested Recipes
  • Activities
    • Quick Draw Activity
    • Decorate a Bandana Activity
    • Lasso Practice Activity
    • Shoot Out Activity
    • Name That Tune Activity
    • Constructing Log Cabins Activity
    • Library Relay Activity
    • Cowboy Dress- Up Relay Activity

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