I Dream of Djinnie

I Dream of Djinnie

The latest production to be put on by the Gusset-on-Navel Amateur Dramatic Society is an adult version of the pantomime Aladdin and the final dress rehearsal is about to take place. The Producer and Director Harry Stoke-Ratt has climbed up into the lighting gantry to set up the stage lighting for the rehearsal but he mysteriously falls to his death. Host a murder mystery for 8 people to find who was responsible for his death. "Oh no we won't, Oh yes you will"

Harry Stoke-Ratt, the Director and Producer of the adult version of the pantomime, Aladdin, falls to his death before the final rehearsal. Was he pushed or did he fall? Great for a Christmas party with a difference.

Characters include:

  • Connie Linctus - Pharmacy Owner
  • Stu N Dumplings - Butcher
  • Adrian Sworl - Builder
  • Cass Trait - Vet
  • Annie Seed - Sweet Shop Owner
  • Shaun De Leer - Antique Dealer
  • Bess Before - Supermarket Owner
  • Nosmo King - Comedian

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Mystery Writers Ltd
For 8 players

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