Trailer Trash Tragedy

Trailer Trash Tragedy

This annual party banquet takes place at Gonagen Trailer Trash Park, where the residents have gathered to guzzle beer and box wine, and chomp down vittles while they celebrate nothing in particular "just a good ole time for all of us to get together," says Big Hoss Beaver, the host. However, the party is overshadowed by the murder of one of the residents! Whodunit and why, are the mysteries the rest of the trailer folks are determined to solve before the murderer strikes again!

The Gonagen Trailer Trash Park is the setting for this murder mystery game for 8-14 player guests. This is the opportunity for all residents to celebrate this grand event, the Annual Trailer Park Smorgasbord Dinner and Dance party. This year the event was dampened by the unforeseen murder of one of the residents! Who, at this totally unfashionable party, created this trailer trash tragedy? All guests will have fun playing out their individual characters and investigating this unpredictable event, all in one night.

This '80s murder mystery encompasses a light-hearted and entertaining story line with loads of '80s trivia challenges!

Characters include:

  • Big Hoss Beaver - Trailer Park and Property Owner
  • Billy Bob Montana - Sleazy Auto Mechanic
  • Bonnie Sue Montana - Tatoo Artist
  • Brenda Beaver - Wife of Big Hoss and theTown Snob
  • Darlene Rivers - Psychic Reader
  • Elsie Mae Rivers - Psychic & Waitress
  • Fanny Mason - Resident & Busy Body of Oaktree Trailer Park
  • Iris Orchid - Local Artist & Photographer
  • Jamie Moon - Aspiring Guitarist and Songwriter
  • Lula Belle Larcen - Waitress at Bubba's Bar & Grill
  • Mel/Melanie Winters - Colorful New Resident of The Trailer Park
  • Mitzi LaRoux - Local Prostitute
  • Scoop Blackwood - Big City Investigative Reporter
  • Simon Star - Wal-Mart Employee & Drifter
  • Wilbur Mason - Gas Station Attendant

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Betsy Francis
For 8 to 14 players

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