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Murder in the Snow

Murder in the Snow

There is an exciting climax to the ski jumping competition at this year's Winter Olympics. The world champion for the past 12 years has been the American ski jumper Watt A. Landing. This year's event has been turned into a real battle between Watt and a British challenger, Eddie D Ostrich. Eddie burst onto the scene some years ago with his unsuccessful attempts to win a medal. However, following his 10 million Lottery win, he spent a fortune on training, top coaches and even built his own ski jump in the Scottish Highlands. Over the years he has clawed his way up the world rankings and now stands on the brink of the gold medal. All Eddie needs to do is to equal yesterday's jump to win the Olympic Gold and end Watt A Landing's domination of the sport. What could possibly go wrong?

A sporty murder mystery set at the Winter Olympic Village of Lappdansa in the Arctic Circle.

Characters include:

  • Dan Hill - American Skier
  • Ivana Gudjump - Norweigan Ski Jumper
  • Bob Slay - Canadian Bobsled Competitor
  • Gerta Skatezonn - German Speed Skater
  • Dickie Knee - American Commentator and Retired Ski Jumper
  • Zista Sledj - Polish Luge Competitor
  • Watt A. Landing - American Ski Jumper
  • Wendy Waydown - English Skier
  • Courtney Cheats - English Drugs Tester
  • Honor Blades - American Figure Skater
  • Al Pineski - Russian Skier
  • Heidi Puck - Canadian Ice Hockey Star
  • Eddie D. Ostrich - English Ski Jumper

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Mystery Writers Ltd
For 10 to 12 players

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