Celebrity Celebrations

Celebrity Celebrations

It's 1961, and Jerry Oilman, the world's richest man, has invited anybody who is anybody to his birthday party - the biggest party of all time. He made his money in oil, but he is eccentric, and notorious for his collection of stuffed bats. These hideous black-winged creatures hang from the walls and ceiling of his house, spooking everyone who enters. Some consider Jerry Oilman quite batty. Others are less polite.

Jerry's party includes a host of rich and famous people, and when you get this many big names together you know there's sure to be conflict. What Jerry hadn't foreseen, and what you don't know, is that something sinister and frightening is about to take place. You will all be asked to work out who is the villain behind this dastardly crime - a crime that will take us all the way to the graveside.

Published By: Merri Mysteries
For 9 to 100 players

Additional Information

Party Kit Contains the Following:

  • Host's Guide
  • Party planning ideas
  • Invitations on which you can enter your party details before printing
  • Clue booklets for each main character
  • "Who Did It?" solution

This game is available in either standard (9-16 guests) or "meet and mingle" (17-100 guests) formats. Your party kit is supplied as Adobe Acrobat files via download and email and are available immediately after purchase.

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