The Railburn Affair

The Railburn Affair

Canvassed in the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Stanford Alpine Hotel basks in the graciousness of a by-gone era. It is 1936, and a well known railroad baron is found dead on the premises. The guests of the Hotel, the fashionable elite of the early 20th Century, are now all suspects.

An adult mystery party with lots of interesting relationships.

Characters include:

  • Jake Daniels - Bartender
  • Lawrence Railburn Sr. - The Railroad Baron
  • Sylvia Railburn - The Baron's Wife
  • Chastity Reynolds - The Socialite
  • Phillip Duright - Hotel Manager
  • Amos - Hobo
  • Seymore Bucks - The Railsburn Accountant
  • Lolita - Lady of the Night
  • Amber Bookly - Personal Secretary
  • Sally Major - The Sadistic Nurse
  • Maria LaWenta - The Chambermaid
  • Josh Railburn - Son of Lawrence Railburn
  • Johnny Fabulous - Hotel Musician

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Allison Reiley
For 9 to 12 players

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