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Chinese Tea House Take-Out

Chinese Tea House Take-Out

Madame Wong, a wealthy widow, is surrounded by her friends and the loyal customers of her Tea House, "The Garden of Good Fortune." Madame Wong, Matchmaker Madame Hu Woo, the Bookseller and Musician have just sat down to another round of Mahjong when Madame Wong suddenly freezes and falls over, dead. She has been poisoned, by a blow-dart. Everyone present could have done it as everyone had the means and a motive. Who killed Madame Wong?

A Chinese murder mystery for 8-12 players set in Hong-Kong, 1910. Perfect for the Chinese New Year, or any time of the year; just order Chinese take-out and play!

Characters include:

  • Madame Hu Woo - Matchmaker
  • Boo Kim - Bookseller
  • Madame Sung-Lo - Musician
  • Dong Wong - Madame Wong's Son
  • Lie-Low - Adopted Daughter
  • Soo Yu - Maid
  • Ah Si Now - Fortune Teller
  • Inspector Shun Sin - Policeman
  • Wan Ting - Dim Sum Delivery Boy
  • Chou Chyou - Kitchen Helper
  • Sai Chee - Photographer
  • Chin Lo - Barber
  • Madame Wong - The Victim

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 8 to 12 players

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