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Murder at the Hop

Murder at the Hop

The year is 1959 and a great night is in store for all of our guests when Dan Soff hosts the latest round of the National Dancing Competition. The best Rock'n'Roll dancers will be gathering at Bonnyville High School and hoping that they will win through to the National Finals with big money prizes and tickets to fame and fortune. Dan will be arriving at the televised event with his usual motorcycle stunt. He will be jumping over the Bonnyville High School Bus on his motorbike before skidding to a halt in the High School auditorium. He will then take off his helmet in front of the live cameras and the Hop will start. Please note that the usual 'National Dancing Competition' rules apply and any couple dancing suggestively will be immediately disqualified.

You are invited to a Hop to be held at Bonnyville High School, Bonnyville. The music will be provided by 'Rocky Shaw and the Boulders', who will be playing all of your favourite Rock 'n' Roll songs. The Hop will also feature the regional round of the National Dance Off Competition. Tonight's host is Dan Soff, who lives in Bonnyville. Dan will be the judge of the dancing competition and it is his hand on the shoulder which has ended the dream of many aspiring dance champions.

Characters include:

  • Vince Scream - Mechanic
  • Sandy Dune - High School Student
  • Duane Pipe - Motorcycle Salesman
  • Candy Store - Shop Assistant
  • Danny Junior - Burger Cook
  • Cherry Soda - Dan Soff's Sister
  • Ray Vonn - Music Store Owner
  • Bee Bopp - Music Store Assistant

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Mystery Writers Ltd
For 6 to 8 players

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