Honky Tonk Homicide

Honky Tonk Homicide

You lucky redneck! You are about to play a "Texas Style" murder mystery dinner party game!

It is "last call" for someone at Bubba's Bar in Cactus, Texas - A nasty murder investigation sure can disrupt Karaoke Night, especially when everyone in town is a suspect. The residents of the Cactus Court Trailer Park must find the murderer among them. For a small Texas town, Cactus has plenty of dirty secrets, double lives, torrid affairs and alien abductions!

This is a one-of-a-kind party your friends won't forget! Treat your guests to our fabulous Trailer Park and Texas Favorites recipes!

Find out who picks up the tab for this Honky Tonk Homicide!

Published By: Dinner Games
For 8 to 10 players

Additional Information

The Guests

  • Sheriff Sissy Wesson - She is as beautiful as she is treacherous.

  • Carney Folk - A sleazy carnival worker just passing through town.

  • Rowdy Lawless - A member of the feared "Angels of Hades" biker gang.

  • Reverend Jim Bob Eternity - A fire and brimstone TV preacher.

  • Mary Kay Eternity - Reverend Jim Bob's wife and TV sidekick.

  • Dusty Diamond - A hometown boy who dreams of musical stardom.

  • Twyla Fleetwood - Bingo addict and owner of the Cactus Court Trailer Park.

  • Crystalline Daniels - A barmaid at "Bubba's Bar" and the town tramp.

Extra Guests / Non-Suspects

  • Virgil Roswell - An oilfield worker and alien abductee.

  • Henna Bouffant - Beauty shop owner and the town gossip hound.

This Game Includes:

  • Everything you'll need to play a 2-3 hour dinner party game
  • 10 Party invitations and envelopes
  • 14 crime scene clues
  • Party Planner Booklet
  • Nametags
  • 10 Player's Booklets
  • 2 Dinner menus with recipes

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