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The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp

It's New Year's Eve, 1899. George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, has lead a wicked and dissolute life. His past is finally catching up with him and, eager to keep out of reach of the law, he is planning to flee abroad. Before he goes, he is holding one final party: "The Last Gasp".

Invited to it are all the people to whom his appalling behaviour has brought the most grief and heartache: his ex-wives, Florence and Dawn, his present wife, Jojo, his ballet dancer son, William, and his long-suffering friend, Bernard. George is determined to use his party to make up for past mistakes. People from the Earl's local village and members of his staff are also at "The Last Gasp". The Earl's plans go awry when the police turn up, hoping to arrest someone for murder.

As well as trying to identify who the killer is, each character will also have their own personal objectives to pursue. These will sidetrack them and get them involved in plenty of other activities along the way. At the end, accusations are made, then the correct solution is revealed and the murderer is unmasked.

Published By: Murder Mystery Games
For 14 to 40 players

Additional Information

"The Last Gasp" is a Victorian murder mystery which runs for about three hours and is suitable for groups of all types and most ages. Ideal for anyone who likes intrigue, infamy, stiff drinks and stiff collars. This game is recommended for both adults and teens.

What's Included:

  • Character information for each guest.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to run it.
  • A chart which shows how to allocate the characters: which to keep and drop.
  • Paper money and all the other essential paper props: Wills, Forensic Reports, etc.
  • The solution!

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