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Desperate Wives Murder

Desperate Wives Murder

Something is brewing on Mysteria Lane! It appears that another act of foul play has occurred within this beautiful and seemingly tranquil neighborhood. Now these desperate wives need to solve this case as they untangle affairs with the back stabbing, cheating, stealing and other typical offenses that occur in day to day suburbia.

Desperate Wives Murder is a murder mystery, strictly for women, set in the beautiful Mysteria Lane neighborhood. Great fun for hen parties or any all girls night...So, come join this murder adventure!

Characters include:

  • Angela Foster - Psychotherapist
  • Britt Vonderlust - Serial Divorcee
  • Courtney Stewart - Perfectionist and Homemaker
  • Eve L. Pierson - Victim / Ghost
  • Lindsay Bravo - Housewife and Mother
  • Lizzie Drankitt - Charity Fund Raiser
  • Mary Carol Baker - Homemaker
  • Sabrina Polis - Former Fashion Model
  • Suzanne English - Short Story Author
  • Tori Stevens - Tennis and Exercise Instructor

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Betsy Francis
For 6 to 10 players

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