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Murder at Farthingay Manor

Murder at Farthingay Manor

You are one of 6 people who have been invited to attend a country house weekend in England in August, 1924. The guest do not know their host, Lord Farthing. They do not know each other. So why were they invited? As the plot unfolds, they gradually find out.

The characters include a vicar, a nun, a businessman, a countess, and a music hall star. Attending on them is a smarmy, creepy butler called Jarvis. All, of course, have dark secrets to hide. But who is the murderer? How is the King of Ruritania involved? And how many characters survive till the end?

As the mystery unravels, guests try to discover what everyone has been up to. Information about their own character and clues about the others are given to them, and new plot developments occur while the mystery progresses.

As proceedings draw to a close, people get the chance to make their accusations, then the correct solution is revealed and the murderer is unmasked.

Published By: Murder Mystery Games
For 6 players

Additional Information

"Murder at Farthingay Manor" is a murder mystery for 6 people, each of whom is a character in the plot. The game is both memorable and enjoyable for all kinds of people. This game is recommended for both adults and teens.

What's Included:

  • Character information for each guest.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to run it.
  • Paper money and all the other essential paper props.
  • The solution!

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