The Ghost of Marnie Anderson

The Ghost of Marnie Anderson

Samantha's great-aunt, Lady Mattie, has invited Samantha and her friends to her castle in Stratford, England for the weekend: the occasion being a party that Samantha's great-aunt gives each year in memory of a famous actress who lived in this old castle from 1630 to 1650. The weekend will include a formal English buffet supper, 19th century music and games, a casual breakfast, and of course, a murder mystery.

This is an overnight murder mystery party for 8, 10 or 12 girls, ages 9 to 14, with the assistance of 1 adult and 2 additional adults in the morning.

Published By: SimpliFun Studios
For 8 to 12 players

Additional Information

Printable Party Package Includes:

  • Personalized invitations and thank you cards
  • Guest profiles to explain the characters in the story
  • Mystery party activity guide filled with party planning instructions and games to make you a successful mystery party host
  • Mystery party script
  • Game materials and party activities
  • Room decorations, ancestor portraits and room signs
  • T-shirt iron-on graphics (you print on transfer paper from your craft store, no special printer required)
  • Dinner recipes

This game is available as a PDF download or on CD-ROM.

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