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Back to the Eighties

Back to the Eighties

Get ready for some teased-up hair and Member's Only jackets mixed with a fun '80s story line and trivia challenges! The 'Who's Who' in 1980s Hollywood will be attending a radical dinner for 'Hair Aid', an upcoming fund-raising concert sponsored by Maqua Net Hairspray Incorporated. 'Hair Aid' will raise funds for hairstyling research and development to design gnarly techniques for the creation of bodacious hairstyles. The guests can totally chill out and have a blast unless someone totally gets murdered!

This '80s murder mystery encompasses a light-hearted and entertaining story line with loads of '80s trivia challenges!

Characters include:

  • Samantha Pinkman - The Hopeless Romantic
  • Peter Pinkman - Flatulent Ghost Eliminator
  • Jeven Rearcie - Egotistical Front Man of an '80s Glam Rock Band
  • Patty Plane - Famous Ill-Mannered Rock Singer and Guitarist
  • Shaggy-Goo Oxide - Ladder-Climbing Break Dancer
  • Talex Towens - Aspiring Break Dancer and Narcoleptic
  • Moe Jontana - NFL Quarterback
  • Bobbie Sue Petton - Kleptomaniac Olympic Gymnast
  • Gladonna - High-Maintenance Pop Star
  • Mr. P. - Soldier of Fortune
  • James Cooker - Scandalous TV Evangelist
  • Biff Ewing - CEO and Founder of Maqua Net Hairspray, Inc.
  • Buffy Bueller - Flirty National Atari Champion

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Betsy Francis
For 8 to 14 players

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  • Host Instructions
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  • Character Descriptions
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  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
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  • Totally Rad Dance Contest Activity
  • 'Gag me with Charades!' Activity
  • Suggested Recipes

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