And the Winner is ... Murder

And the Winner is ... Murder

Could anything be more exciting (and tense) than the Academy Awards? This mystery takes place on the night before the big night during a private party thrown by Columbus Studios celebrating the studio's blockbuster hit "Back When I Loved You".

Unfortunately, the big celebration goes disastrously wrong when one of the guests present dies after drinking a glass of champagne. The murderer must be one of those present in the room who include two stars of the film, the movie's director, producer, costume designer and the studio's public relations manager... one of these people couldn't wait until tomorrow night for their dreams to come true.

This game is a clue-based evening of murder and movie intrigue set at a private studio party on the night before the Academy Awards. Emotions and ambitions are running high, and murder wins out.

Characters include:

  • R.J. McKullen - The Director
  • Elizabeth Watkins - Lead Actress
  • Mark Bridgeland - Male Star
  • Sophie Simpson - Supporting Actress
  • Derek Lamoose - Costume Designer
  • Brian Columbus - Producer
  • Cynthia Columbus - Producer's Wife and Studio Publicist
  • Simon Wetherby - Elizabeth's Escort
  • Louise Fullerton - Mark's Escort

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Elspeth Antonelli
For 6 to 8 players

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