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Blueprints for Murder

Blueprints for Murder

The REK Construction company party is in full swing, but construction manager, Richard de Brik, hasn't arrived yet. He's been detained: in six feet of concrete. Investigating Officer Pat O'Really interrupts the party with the news. The question is, who bumped off the boss? It seems this isn't the first accident to have occurred on Mario the Mobster's construction site; the work has been cursed from the very start. Which clumsy construction worker was it this time? This time, it was fatal. But it was no accident. It seems someone had their hands on the perfect blueprints for murder.

Put on those hard hats and play a construction-themed murder mystery for the annual office holiday party or grand opening anytime of the year.

Characters include:

  • Richard de Brik - The Construction Manager
  • Carla Crane - Heavy Machinery and Crane Operator
  • Alex Le Trique - The Electrician
  • Jack Hammer - The Concrete Finisher
  • Dinah Decor - The Painter and Decorator
  • Matt (Matti) Mulch - The Landscaper
  • Peter Piper - The Apprentice
  • Pat O'Really - The Investigating Officer

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 15+ players (large group)

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