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Love Potion Number Five

Love Potion Number Five

It's everybody's worst nightmare: somebody has spiked the party punch with a potent love potion. Thankfully, the victims of the potion are not declaring undying love for anybody at the party. Instead, they are emphatically revealing the thing they would most love to do- their secret passion. Soon these comical admissions become dangerous as the affected guests stop at nothing to act on their obsession. The guests must discover who spiked the punch, concoct and administer the antidote before somebody bruises something worse than an ego!

Love Potion Number Five is a party game that is perfect for any combination of girls and boys, and up to 16 guests can play a character. Great for Valentine's Day!

Characters include:

  • Brook Headstrong - Potential Commander of the Space Shuttle
  • Cat Phillips - Up-and-Coming Rock-n-Roll Drummer
  • Cody Montana - Mechanical Bull Rider Hopeful
  • Croc Jones - Alligator Wrestler Hopeful
  • D. Cath Eleet - Hopes to Light the Olympic Torch
  • Gordy Jefferson - NASCAR Racer Wannabe
  • Hil D. Glum - Closet Supermodel
  • Jean Splicer - Mad Scientist
  • Jesse Adventura - Potential Pro Wrestler
  • Kit Calgon - Aspiring Extreme Ice Climber
  • Marti Stewart - Quick-Thinking Host
  • Mattie Ador - Aspires to Run with the Bulls in Pamplona
  • Paris Simon - American Idol Wannabe
  • Penn Legerdemain - Harry Houdini Acolyte
  • Trusty Trumaine - Hopeful Future U.S. President
  • Whitney Austin - Possible Super Bowl Singer

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Megan Kelly
For 8 to 16 players

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