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Death of a Vampire

Death of a Vampire

To celebrate the opening of the scary new theme park, Vampireland in Transylvania, the guests have been chosen by Jack Ular, the owner of Castle Alucard and Vampireland, to take a frightening challenge. Their challenge, if they choose to accept, is to spend a night in one of the rooms in the haunted West Wing of Castle Alucard in Vampireland. If they successfully complete the challenge, and survive the night, they will each win the sum of $10,000 and will be awarded a Vampireland Medal of Bravery.

A spooky murder mystery game for 8 to 14 players set in present-day Transylvania. Great for Halloween parties!

Characters include:

  • Jack Ular - Film star and owner of Castle Alucard
  • Stretch - The Butler
  • Jacqueline Hyde - Supernatural Investigator
  • Count De Bodies - Film Star
  • Dinah Gruesomeway - Horror Writer
  • Dai Monsterdai - Vampire Hunter
  • Ivanna Bytiznek - Romanian Princess and TV Presenter
  • Vlad Tire - Passing Motorist
  • Ann Angrimob - Serving Wench from the Local Village
  • Constable Painting - Policeman
  • Celia Fate - Newspaper Reporter
  • Shabby - Investigator
  • Thelma - Investigator
  • Igor Talocal - Gamekeeper
  • Tillie Screams - Dentist

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Mystery Writers Ltd
For 8 to 12 players

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  • Character Descriptions
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  • Print-able Invitations
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