Antiques, Accents & Asps

Antiques, Accents & Asps

Welcome to a star-studded celebrity version of the popular game show "Hunt for a Bargain", about to be filmed at "Knockem-Downs Auction House", and is being hosted by the permanently fake-tanned, ever popular Dickie Davidson.

Already contestants Flora McWatchalot and Obadiah Thomas, accompanied by celebrity medium Mystic Mags and TV dance instructress Dolores Davidson, have been out scouring the antiques fair looking for bargains. These will be auctioned off by Sir Archibald Knockem-Down, owner of the Auction House, with all proceeds going to charity.

There are also celebrities in the audience. Already Camilla Bowler Parkes has arrived, accompanied by her hunky personal bodyguard, Steve McMuscle. And also present is South African multimillionaire and head of the "House of St Tropez" cosmetics empire, Yves St Tropez, with his young Australian PA, Skip Tuett, in tow.

So please take a look at the lots that are to be auctioned today. With so many bargains around, we are sure that either you, or somebody else, will make a killing...

Published By: MerryMurder
Written By: Tim Morrell
For 10 to 15 players

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  • Dickie Davidson - Host of the show. A mahogany tanned antiques celebrity.
  • Theodora Twyte - Principal of the College of Antique Restoration. Adviser to the green team.
  • Professor Ivor Relic - Professor of Ancient Weapons. Adviser to the red team.
  • Dolores Davidson - Dickie's wife. A South American dance instructress. Host of Gemini TV's "Dance along with Dolores".
  • Flora McWatchalot - Dolores' team mate. A Scottish housewife.
  • Mystic Mags - Celebrity Medium. Host of Gemini TV's "How's your aura?"
  • Obadiah Thomas - Mags' team mate. Manager of Puffers Tobacco Ltd, Wales.
  • Sir Archibald Knockem-Down - Crusty owner of the Auction House. Today's auctioneer.
  • Nick Knockem-Down - His good looking, floppy haired, public schoolboy son. Will be displaying today's lots.
  • Roberta Diamond - Fast talking New Yorker. Last minute Director of today's show.
  • Amanda Friday - Assistant Director. A young London career girl.
  • Maybelline Revlon - Friendly but dim-witted makeup girl.
  • Seamus O'Blarney - Jovial Irish researcher.
  • Yves St Tropez - Millionaire owner of "The House of St Tropez" cosmetics empire. A ruthless South African businessman.
  • Skip Tuett - His overworked, underpaid personal assistant. A young Australian.
  • Professor Yank O'Connor - Dear friend of Roberta Diamond. An American Professor of Antiques.
  • Frankie Floggitt-Dear - An Antique Trader. Antiques Adviser to the Prince of Wales.
  • Elizabeth Denby-Glaze - Editor of "Antiques Today" magazine.
  • Busty Bernice - Pole Dancer/Stripper from "The Juicy Jackpot" casino.
  • Camilla Bowler-Parkes - Lady of birth and breeding. A close friend to the Prince of Wales.
  • Steve McMuscle - Former East End Policeman. Camilla's personal bodyguard.
  • Madam Wu - Unscrupulous owner of Chinese Medicine Shop.
  • Mr Ying Yang - A Chinese Acupuncturist.
  • Ms Paymore - Chief Executive of the "Creaky Claims" Insurance Company.

Deluxe Version Contents:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 15 Invitations & Invitation Envelopes
  • 1 Inspector Lalique Chief Investigator Booklet
  • 6 Suspect Character Booklets
  • 7 Clue Objects
  • 5 Clue Documents
  • 5 Auction Item Cards
  • 15 Character Evidence Envelopes
  • 47 Character Evidence Cards
  • 8 Blowpipe Sale Scripts
  • 1 Confession
  • Name Labels

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