Hawaiian Lunacy

Hawaiian Lunacy

Hawaii Island (nicknamed "The Big Island") has an active volcano called "Kilauea". People who live there claim it is safe because volcano emits lava and ash in the other direction. It is also the home of Pele, the "Goddess of Fire" or "Goddess Of The Volcano" as she is known. The rainfall on the island is extremely high and there are lots of lava tubes, butterflies and rainbows.

Before the Polynesians came to Hawaii, it was inhabited by little people known as Menehune [pronounced meh-neh-HOO-neh]. Some say they were the size of dwarfs, others say they could fit into the palm of your hand. They had various powers such as invisibility. Some say they still exist and that Molowa was the last remaining Menehune on the Big Island. He originally came from Maui but he had been on the island for a number of years. Recently, however, he had been causing so much mischief that people were starting to complain.

Today it was discovered that he has mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps he has moved to another island or back to Maui. Your task is to work out who rid the island of Molowa. This non-murder mystery party game is perfect for Luau parties or anytime!

Published By: Merri Mysteries
For 12 to 50 players

Additional Information

Party Kit Contains the Following:

  • Host's Guide
  • Party planning ideas
  • Invitations on which you can enter your party details before printing
  • Clue booklets for each main character
  • "Who Did It?" solution

This game is available in either standard (12-16 guests) or "small standard" (8-16 guests) formats. Your party kit is supplied as Adobe Acrobat files via download and email and are available immediately after purchase.

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