A Viking Mystery

A Viking Mystery

King Harald has been murdered and his sword stolen. With it King Harald had fought his last fight, but weak and shattered by the battle, he lay defenseless on his deathbed with the sword at his side. It was then someone stole it and stabbed him through the heart. Who could have murdered the great king and stolen his finest weapon? Queen Hildegaard has called everyone together to the Stone Circle to find out.

Put the kids to bed, break out those helmets and drinking horns and play a Viking Mystery game for 8-12 players.

Characters include:

  • King Harald - Victim
  • Queen Hildegaard - Queen
  • Lars Haraldsen - King's Son
  • Erlend the Blacksmith - The King's Brother
  • Ingrid - Erlend's Wife
  • Frodde the Rune Master - The Wise One
  • Bj°rn the Berserker - The Fierce Viking Warrior
  • Odd Finnbogi - The Merchant Trader
  • Asgood the Monk - Missionary Monk from Germany
  • Unni Trell - The Slave Girl
  • Ragnhild the Raider - The Seamstress and Skjoldm° (Female Warrior)
  • Jasper the Jarl - A Knight and Nobleman
  • Edvard the Skald - Lawreader/Storyteller/Poet

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 8 to 12 players

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