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Panic at the Prom

Panic at the Prom

It promises to be a magical night as Centerville High School celebrates Senior Prom... "Under the Sea"!

All eyes are on the two most popular and beautiful students, Katelyn and Dylan, as they are crowned King and Queen of the Prom. But during the spotlight dance, the emergency sprinkler system soaks the entire student body. Who had the motive and the opportunity to sabotage the evening?

Everyone has a secret to hide. It's up to you to question the suspects and determine who caused the Panic at the Prom.

Published By: Dinner Games
For 8 to 10 players

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The Guests

  • Principal Josephine Kuehl-Trevino - The new principal of Centerville High School, Jo tries desperately to be admired by the students, yet is hopelessly uncool.

  • Buddy Hamm - The star quarterback of the Centerville High School Varsity Football Team, Buddy is the biggest practical joker at school.

  • Britnee Popper - Katelyn's best friend, Britnee is an energetic cheerleader who is well liked by everyone.

  • Chad Mensa - The class valedictorian, Chad is a genius who is quiet and likes puzzles.

  • Missy Whimpee - Brainy but clumsy, Missy is tormented by the fact that she is not popular.

  • Terry Payne - A sarcastic and bitter "goth", Terry is troubled by dark secrets. (Can be played by a male or a female guest)

  • Butch Hickman - The school bully, Butch would rather work on his motorcycle than go to class.

  • Tatia Hickman - Pretty, classy, but very poor, Tatia is constantly ridiculed by Katelyn and her friends.

Extra Guests / Non-Suspects

  • Dylan Bash - King of the Prom, Dylan has a reputation for throwing the best parties in town.

  • Katelyn Scratch - Queen of the Prom, Homecoming Queen, head cheerleader, Miss Centerville Teen Princess...Katelyn is the most beautiful and popular girl in school.

This Game Includes:

  • Everything you'll need to play a 2-3 hour dinner party game
  • 10 Party invitations and envelopes
  • 8 crime scene clues
  • Party Planning Booklet with recipes
  • 10 player nametags
  • 10 Player's Booklets with background information and costume suggestions

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