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Cudham Riding Club

Cudham Riding Club

Cudham Riding Club is a murder mystery set in timeless rural England, and is usually run over a meal and offers everyone the chance to belong to the stirrup set for a few hours. Everyone is given a character, and whether you find yourself playing a Lord, a Lady, a dustman or a horsemeat wholesaler, you will encounter skulduggery, adultery, coercion and crime.

The police suspect Lady Cudham's death was no accident, but their investigation can't stop the club's members getting on with other important business: electing a new Chairwoman, buying and selling horses, and trying to prevent anyone finding out what they are really up to. Bets are being taken, too, on the Isle of Man Handicap: a race in which all the club members' horses are competing.

Apart from making lots of money and not being shamed or arrested, everyone's main aim is to identify the murderer. Unless, of course, they did it - in which case they try to put the blame on someone else! Cudham Riding Club is suitable for 14-40 guests and 22 horses.

Published By: Murder Mystery Games
For 14 to 40 players

Additional Information

Cudham Riding Club is suitable for almost anyone. No knowledge of horses is needed, nor is acting experience is required, and no one will be expected to do anything that will make them feel awkward. The plot contains matters of a mature nature, and some of the characters behave appalling (drugs, gambling, adultery, murder), so this game is recommended for adults and older teens.

What's Included:

  • Character information for each guest.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to run it.
  • A chart which shows how to allocate the characters: which to keep and drop.
  • Paper money and all the other essential paper props: Horse Ownership forms, Wills, Voting Slips, etc.
  • The solution!

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