Killers International Annual Meeting

Killers International Annual Meeting

It is the annual meeting of "Killers International". Assassins from around the world gather to consider such mundane matters as profit and loss statements, listen to committee reports, and visit with old friends. But one of the members is found murdered, stabbed in the back. He left a dying clue that points to his murderer...

This game is played in rounds, one round for each of the 3 suspects. Game for both men and women, some characters can be either. Includes instructions for modifying game to different skill levels, size groups, and additional party ideas.

Characters include:

  • Top Gun - Chairman of the Board of Killers International
  • Preacher - The Victim, a Deceased Evangelical Minister
  • Poison Pen - Recording Secretary
  • Mad Bomber - Sargent at Arms
  • Cobra - A member on Probation
  • Ghost - Chair of Covert Ops
  • Cowgirl - A gunfighter for hire and member of the Sunshine Committee
  • Nurse Ratchet - Chairman of the Grievance Committee
  • Mata Hari - A Femme Fatale
  • Apache - Internal Security
  • Black Knight - Treasurer
  • Black Widow - Chairman of the Sunshine Committee
  • Chef - Egotistical chef who can whip up killer creations
  • Clown - This clown is nothing to laugh at
  • Dr. Death - Once a Doctor, got caught stealing body parts to sell
  • Grandma Death - After the kids left, decided contract killing might be fun
  • Pyrotechnics - Loves all kinds of fireworks

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Linda Suzane
For 5 to 15 players

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Additional Information

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The Party Kit for this game includes the following:

  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
  • Email-able Invitations
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Name Tags
  • Award Certificates
  • Pre-Game Clues
  • Suggested Recipes
  • Tips from Other Hosts

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