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Murder on the French Riviera

Murder on the French Riviera

Frank McGovern, the French Riviera's most well-known English entrepreneur, is found dead on the quiet island of St. Hilaire off the coast of Cannes. After an initial investigation, Father Phausible, of the island's monastery, is taken into custody and charged with the murder. Is there enough evidence to charge him with the crime? Or are the other suspects equally suspect? The suspects gather at the monastery to pay their last respects to the victim...

Murder on the French Riviera is a modern-day murder mystery for 8-15 guests set in a monastery on a tiny island off the coast of Cannes, France.

Characters include:

  • Alex Arbredevie - The Tolerant Tree-Lover
  • Bailey Justice - The Loose-Lipped Lawyer
  • Claire Voyante - The Meddling Medium
  • Father Plausible - The Penitent Priest
  • Frank McGovern - The Ex-Egocentric Entrepreneur
  • Henri Debaucher - The Charming Chauffeur
  • Imma Immobilier - The Reliable Real Estate Agent
  • Inspector Flic - The Dim-Witted Detective
  • Linda Mackintosh - The Seductive Secretary
  • Madame Epreuve - The Forgetful Forensics Expert
  • Mademoiselle Menage - The Menacing Maid
  • Mrs. McGovern - The Weeping Widow
  • Old Jacques - The Rational Restaurateur
  • Pierre LeTraget - The Fortune-Hungry Ferryman
  • Sister Marguerita - The Naughty Nun
  • Taylor Trim - The Troublesome Trainer

Published By: Host-Party
Written By: Nora Louise Syran
For 8 to 15 players

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